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Bus Sculpture Auction Tfl Routemaster
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Routemaster buses are an iconic sight within London and is extremely proud to offer you the chance to have your very own. In recognition of the fact that 2014 marks the 60th anniversary since the first Routemaster came into use, Transport for London are offering 57 individually designed buses for auction, with the proceeds going to charity.

bus sculpture trails london

Tower Bridge Bus SculptureThe buses were dotted around London at various landmarks throughout the city and visitors had the opportunity to follow the public art trails on foot. The sculptures have been created in conjunction with ‘Wild in Art’, a company that has run similar sculpture trails and auctions that have included ‘Books about Town’ in London and ‘Wild Dolphins’ in Aberdeen.

The bus sculptures are 2.5m long, 1m high and 0.5m wide and combine London’s iconic transport history with modern emerging artists.

Twentyfourseven bus sculpture trail

Lot 13, designed by artist Deven Bhurke, plays upon the pivotal role buses play in keeping the city moving. The artist’s design was inspired by London services that run throughout the day such as hospitals – hence the name ‘Twenty Four Seven.’

Many of the sculptures feature images synonymous with London, such as a telephone box, Tower Bridge, the Union Jack and the London underground map. However some artists chose designs that resonate with people throughout the UK – Lot 23 titled ‘Lest we Forget’ and Lot 16 ‘Poppy Fields’ are particularly poignant as they commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

UK Union Jack Bus SculptureTFL have teamed up with charities Kids Company, London Transport Museum and Transaid. The auction proceeds will be split equally between all three of these fantastic causes.

The online timed auction will take place until January 29th on, where each lot can be viewed along with information concerning the artist, the design and the buses location.

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